Selena Gomez Steals Car in ‘Back to You’ Music Video


Directed by Scott Cudmore, the clip features the singer asking a blonde guy to steal a car together at a party.

Following the premiere of the second season of “13 Reasons Why“, Selena Gomez premiered the music video for “Back to You” on Tuesday, June 5. Directed by Scott Cudmore, the retro-themed visuals sees Selena channeling Charlie Chaplin.

It opens with the former Disney darling standing in the corner of a party, sporting a green and purple sequined dress. Getting bored, she comes up with an idea to escape the bash when she locks eyes with a mystery man across the room. As soon as the guy agrees to her suggestion to steal a car, they sneak out of the party. Their trip is soon ruined after he tells her, “You know, you sort of look like Selena Gomez.”

Their secret trip gets worse when she finds a wanted poster with their photos on it. It turns out they’re wanted for “public nuisance and grand theft auto.” Rolling her eyes, Selena tells the blonde guy, “I’m not going to jail.” She later suggests that they should burn the car, to which the guy strongly disagrees. “No way, that car is life!” he shouts.

But Selena doesn’t listen. She wastes no time setting the stolen car ablaze, horrifying her partner in crime. “I can’t believe you actually burned it!” he shouts, to which the singer responds, “I’m not going to jail. That’s so stupid!” Selena has had enough after the man tells her that she’s “too passionate.” Getting angry, she says that she will go back to the party.

The music video ends with the two of them sneaking back to the party in their original party outfits. They still leave the party together after Selena asks him to steal a car again, though.

Released on May 10, “Back to You”serves as the soundtrack to season two of “13 Reasons Why”. In an interview with Zane Lowe of Beats 1, she called the song “a special project that I wanted to give to season two.”

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